Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rhoda Author - a lovely children's book author

Rhonda Patton a Children’s Book writer.

It is not my job. It is my passion. My husband is my illustrator and we have 9 books out at amazon, books-a-million, createspace, barnes and noble, in every part of the world. I am very happy with this. My goal in life is to create a BETTER generation of kids. With everything so corrupt and all you see on tv is violenc...e and sex even in cartoons and video games I am trying to inspire kids to be better.

ONE book at a time. My goal is to stop bullying, stop making kids think they have to be number one, and bring back morals, and show them life through fun books. (My Life)

I always thought why kids and people wanted to be first all the time.

I had to teach younger kids that you don’t always have to be first to be proud of yourself, as long as you tried hard. This is what “The Croak 500” is about. In March of 2000 I became pregnant with my daughter, and I put up this book and didn’t think about it for a while.. And had many trials I was facing at the time with the pregnancy. I was a single mom, working, and sick


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